In this video I show you some more advanced sound design concepts and synthesis so that you can start creating sounds with confidence. Hopefully this will give you more topics and ideas for future study. I cover a wide variety of topics ranging from the FM Synthesis, Envelopes, Filters and Analogue synths, sharing sound design techniques and helpful tips and tricks. ►Get My Serum Sound Bank: If you are new to sound design, please watch my fundamentals video on YouTube, it's get you up to speed in about 15 minutes - ▶Time Stamps 0:30 - FM Synthesis 5:20 - Envelopes (Filter and Amplitude) 9:30 - LFOs/Gates 12:20 - Learning new Synths /Analog Sytnhs 17:20 - Which order to use effect? Sound Effects Video - The Gear I Use: Headphones - Studio Monitors - Microphone - 2nd Monitors - Interface - Preamp -

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