Here, I'm trying to explain some FM synthesis basics on the Reface DX with an oscilloscope. Please excuse any mispronounciations, if you can understand what I'm saying it's mission accomplished for me. :-) Link to the oscilloscope at the end of this text! Contents: 00:00 hello hello 00:29 FM vocabulary: Operators 00:50 carrier 00:57 modulator 01:13 algorithm 01:41 parallel / serial algorithms 03:07 modulator amplitude 03:59 modulator ratio 05:25 oscillator demo - building a saw wave with sine waves 06:58 it's phase modulation, actually (math basics) 09:06 oscillator demo - building a square wave 09:51 feedback 11:15 "filter sweep" demonstration (operator 2 modulated by an LFO) 11:53 there will be more. :-) Oscilloscope: Korg Nanocontrol: Download my nanocontrol template:!Au06jbGd_8NcrNZsHh0mOaityE_pdg

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