♦Mp3: https://jefferzkm.com/covers/vocaloid-cover/a-solution-for-jealousy-english/ ♦English Lyrics: https://jefferzkm.com/translyrics-vocaloid/a-solution-for-jealousy-honeyworks/ ♦Song: "A Solution For Jealousy" (ヤキモチの答え) / Yakimochi no Kotae ♦Music & Lyrics: shito(HoneyWorks) @shito_stereo ♦Bass: shito(HoneyWorks) @shito_stereo ♦Guitar: Kaizokuou ♦Piano: Wato (mylist/10355555) ♦Illustration & Video: Yamako @yamako2626 ♦Original NND Upload: http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm20332495 ♦Original YT Upload: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-b8h94sHfuQ ♦English Lyrics, Vocals, Subtitles: Jefferz ♦Mix: Jefferz & Saru (https://www.youtube.com/user/SarubabyArt) Hi guys, just continuing my Honeyworks spree (though it'll be a while until the next one since I have many non-Honeyworks covers/collabs coming up)! A Solution for Jealousy is my personal favorite song from the series and one of my favorite Vocaloid songs in general. There are a couple different English covers of this song out there but I wanted to do my own personal rendition since some of the other lyrics weren't very consistent on their rhyming schemes or preserving the flow of the original song without getting wordy. I also kind of ran with the whole jealousy theme and I think it ended up coming off a bit more snarky and comical than other versions hahaha. I'm really proud of how the lyrics for this came out, hope you guys like the lyrics and my cover too! The next Honeyworks song I will probably be covering is either Hatsukoi no ehon or Hiding Embarrassment During Puberty, whenever I;m feeling ambitious with belting hahahaa (Honeyworks songs are quite high for me in the male key lol). Special shout-out thanks to my awesome friend Saru for helping me adjust the mix of the song. My rough mix that I had was very muddy, thank you Saru for doing quality-mixing cpr on my vocals! My Links: ♦Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/Jefferzkm ♦Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jefferzkm ♦Tumblr: http://jefferzkm.tumblr.com/ ♦Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/jefferzkm ♦AskFM: http://ask.fm/Jefferzkm

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