**Please note this is a sample video from a full course here** Sonic Academy presents an all new ‘Understanding FM Synthesis’ with the man that is King Unique. Matt from King Unique demystifies one of the most powerful, but often misunderstood studio tools. FM is a beast to get to grips with, but here Matt gives you the history and birth of this from of synthesis, explains all the common parameters and functions with all FM synths and finishes with some common sound design examples. Using Ableton’s operator all the learning outcomes and core concepts in this course can be easily applied to any modern FM synth such as FM8, FL’s Sytrus and even logics’ basic EFM1 or Retro synths. Well explained and easy to understand, after this FM shouldn’t be that scary thing you shy away from anymore, but a major weapon you can now add to your production arsenal. Just check out the sound examples in the last video to see how powerful, deep and phat FM can be.

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