iTunes USA | Kikinomi: Behind the Scenes: Kikinoki: iTunes Japan --------------------------- This is the First-Ever Guest-post on Shamisen in Tokyo. This was a video made for the Tsugaru Shamisen Girls (KiKi) that they wanted to share with all of you! ------------------------------------------------ The Song and the Concept: Kiki Oriori The Month of May: "KARUTA", a Japanese card game SONG: Takeda Bushi Back Story: Takeda-bushi is a minyo, a traditional Japanese music, in Yamanashi prefecture which illustrates the moment of the samurai lord, Takeda Shingen, takes off for a war. The aggressiveness of the war is expressed by the competitive Karuta which is often described as a combat on a tatami mat. Competitive Karuta It's a competitive sport using |hyakunin Isshu|, a classical Japanese anthology of one hundred Japanese "waka" from 13th century by one hundred poets. Different from the elegant image of "waka", it is considered as a sport that requires a strong sprit and a physical strength. 曲:武田節 Music: Takeda-bushi --------------------------------

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